Walk, run, fly, hover, orbit, zoom and ortho... All Standard and Included.

BIMRAY® brings you incredible flexibility, both in terms of functionality and navigation options. We can also cost-effectively bring you additional features, customized for your specific needs. Don't need a BIM model? Regular 3D models, Point Clouds and even Reality Capture models work in BIMRAY®.


• Web-Deployable from your server or cloud service (Azure, Amazon, etc)
• Access BIMRAY® locations directly from your website , or...
• Optional PC, Mac, Linux, VR headset local machine builds
• High frame rates and optimized builds for a smooth user experience


 • No special skills or long traing sessions needed to navigate in BIMRAY®
• Full 360 degree movement anywhere on location including orbit/zoom, walk / fly (UAV type controls), and ortho views standard
• Instant Travel to any per-determined location in the scene
• Cycle though preset static or animated cameras placed at important locations in the scene
• Lock View allows for cursor movement without "head swivel" movement


• DataLinc™ – open specific, cutom data sources including corporate "intranet" custom databases
• ImageLinc™ – web/local-stream site imagery, combine with notes and link/attach to any location on the modeled asset
Visualization Layers - turn on/off model layers, models. point clouds, terrain, lights, existing vs. proposed, etc
Surface Angle Tool - digital readout, save the angle of any 3D surface
Measurement Tool - point-to-point measurement between any 2 surfaces/objects, locking Z axis option, ft/yds/meters
Snapshot Taker - one touch key saves 12 x 26" rendering of your view to your local folder
Cycle Textures - Easily view multiple material texture choices on the same object - just click to cycle through all materials
Surface Data - any object or surface can be programmed to open any URL, video, sound or image
Isolate -  view any part (or groups), from any distance or angle
Realistic Weather/Time-of-Day - user controlled with run on system time option
On-screen help menu , easy game-style control
Saving/Sharing Data - all project data saves automatically