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Pictures and video are great, but not quite as good as trying out the real deal! We would be glad to learn more about your needs, what assets/location you are interested in converting into a BIMRAY® 3D Interactive location, and to set up a no-obligation web demo! Send us an email, always glad to answer your questions @

Here are the 4 questions we need answers to,
this will get you a delivered project cost

What is data being supplied, Approx total SF or ACRES, and what are the data layers you want to visualize?
(point cloud, reality capture, BIM, etc) Are there site or collection images to include via ImageLinc?

Any custom data hookups beyond password protected GoogleDocs workflow?
If yes, please describe

3) NUMBER OF USERS: (this site):
How many people (comfortably) do you want to access the project?
Sold in blocks of 1-10/20/30 or 50+ (we will also need email contact list for final digital delivery directly to users)

How long do you want the license to view the project (this project)?
(1,3,6,12 months available) Can renew upon or before software key expiration , change seat plan