BIMRAY® is not a viewer - It's a realistic world of interactive assets.

BIMRAY® supports your information and data ranging from critical infrastructure, detailed design or as-built BIM models. If you can build it, you can visualize it, and BIMRAY® is the unique tool combining realistic visualization and data, with customized, client driven-functionality. The tools support VR simulations using your best "real world " datasets for what ifs, change/emergency management and interactive training scenarios.

Interactive realistic 3D environment and assets - View BIM data without BIM skills
 View linked BIM data - or any data, without BIM skills, knowledge or software
UAV imagery streams from cloud, assign and link inpection images/notes using markers to model
Digital assets can be color coded by class or any RGB shade
Each individual part can be isolated and viewed alone
Selectable assets link to multiple custom data sources, remote database
Easily turn on/off layers to see existing vs. proposed
Edit and save asset attribute data, spreadsheets and reports in real time
  Improve communication by sharing existing conditions with contractors and asset managers
Easily answer challenging questions, save and share data with other users
Increase team productivity and accuracy in designs
Decrease project errors
Allow any authorized personnel to virtually access the project site
Unlimited 24-hour access