Founder / CDO

Technically sophisticated data analyst professional with solid history of effective integration / qualification with expertise in mapping and geographic information systems.

Areas of Expertise:

Over 35 years experience in the Mapping and GIS profession, managing multi-year geospatial programs. 

Extensive experience with a wide variety of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology including traditional photogrammetric, ortho imagery, LiDAR and terrestrial / mobile mapping technology and GIS applications

Developed a Workflow and proprietary software to Map Cell/Communications using a drone and create a 3D Revit model including high end photo realistic texturing, Rvt and FBX file formats

Integrating and evaluating new technology including sUAS/Drones and 3D tablets in geospatial products and workflows

Identify business critical opportunities and risks associated with “remote” collection technology and application for government and consumer applications and opportunities

Developed and executed 3D Scan to BIM for national commercial customer for documenting as-built retail space

High-level 3D modeler, and interactive 3D engine specialist, with over a decade working full-time in the industry. An expert in the conversion of data sources to realistic, optimized models.

Areas of Expertise:

Over 12 years full-time experience in 3D modeling/texturing and 3D engines, with engineering projects ranging in size from single objects to full size city models, a visionary of new concepts and ideas that continually "push the envelope" of what's possible. Looks to use a combination of technologies working together to elevate the quality, performance and value of the final products and services

Data-to-model specialist, including photogrammetry, point cloud/laser scans, LiDAR, elevation data, GIS, CADD, etc

"3D Pipeline" development and implementation producing a consistent range of digital products

 UVW texture mapping expert, including optimized /power of 2  gaming engine development, PBR and self-illumination for greater realism and efficiency

Strong motivator, organizer, and manager of remote or in-house teams to meet project milestones and deployment on schedule 

2D artist/illustrator/creative designer with 20+ years commercial experience