Founder / CDO

High-level 3D modeler, and interactive 3D engine specialist, with over a decade working full-time in the industry. An expert in the conversion of data sources to realistic, optimized models.

Areas of Expertise:

Over 12 years full-time experience in 3D modeling/texturing and 3D engines, with engineering projects ranging in size from single objects to full size city models, a visionary of new concepts and ideas that continually "push the envelope" of what's possible. Looks to use a combination of technologies working together to elevate the quality, performance and value of the final products and services

Data-to-model specialist, including photogrammetry, point cloud/laser scans, LiDAR, elevation data, GIS, CADD, etc

"3D Pipeline" development and implementation producing a consistent range of digital products

 UVW texture mapping expert, including optimized /power of 2  gaming engine development, PBR and self-illumination for greater realism and efficiency

Strong motivator, organizer, and manager of remote or in-house teams to meet project milestones and deployment on schedule 

2D artist/illustrator/creative designer with 20+ years commercial experience