BIMRAY® introduces to the BIM, Reality Capture and Asset Management industries, their customized 3D interactive software / tools to view and update critical physical Assets in real-time from remote locations.

BIMRAY® displays an interactive 3D environment of Assets and location, with the ability to not only walk/fly through, but also to open and edit multiple data sources effectively.

All delivered in an integrated, web-deployed or local solution, with customized functionality to suit the asset manager’s needs. From data collection through completion, BIMRAY® works in partnership with managers to extract the maximum value from their Assets.

We can also use and create non-BIM models and point clouds for uses, such as interactive visualizations, 3D eCommerce and emergency management simulations.

“BIMRAY® displays a realistic 3D visual environment of your assets on location to update, add and append field inspection information directly to the asset. Imagine all of your 3D site data on screen, organized by layer - touching objects opens links to your data” said Ken Cummings, BIMRAY® Founder.

“From data collection through publishing the application, our team works in partnership with yours to extract the maximum value from your data. Additionally, we provide interactive location emergency management training simulations – tablet, desktop and VR headset versions using the same technologies customized and developed for specific scenarios.”

Local BIMRAY® representative contacts in California, Texas, New York and Ontario, Canada.

Reality Capture Model

Standard 3D Model with GIS data

Optimized CAD Model

Point Cloud - 55M points RGB color

BIMRAY® displays Reality-Capture models, CAD/BIM/3D models & Point Clouds

Modeling methods and formats needed for BIMRAY®...

Reality-Capture Modeling has become an increasingly affordable solution in the display of assets and locations. While is doesn't break down the model into individual parts (an irregular mesh is created though an automated process), and RC model can give a fairly good representation of the subject, including photo-generated material texturing. Typically export as FBX and OBJ.

3D/CAD, BIM and Standard 3D Models can be supplied or built form your data.
Each individual part/object can be isolated and viewed with access to attributes. Typical file formats include: RVT, DXF, DWG, MAX, etc.

Point Clouds can can now be displayed in BIMARY®. Supply your color point cloud in a variety of formats...
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Introduction to BIMRAY® 2.1 / New Tools & Features!  

We can BIMRAY® your supplied reality-capture models too!